About Us


About Roy Groups

Serving the acknowledged Brands of India, Roy Groups, is an oil and grease making company. Since its origination, our company has been on an elevator of achievement with numerous astute personalities and master hands behind it. Similar with flawlessness, our company is resolved to make best oil in India alongside a solid toehold in specialty products and lubricating oils. With the item advancement approach, a greatly committed workforce and best-in-class producing capacity, the company gives top-tier oil-based items.


With a solid vision to be the main Petro-items company on a worldwide level, Roy Groups. Ltd. constantly improves new advances that move its networks to make an upgraded future. Walking solid with 'New Technologies' and 'Inventive Solutions', our company has been advancing new qualities for its systems such as employees, industry and partners. Through these amazing propositions, it hopes to advance the universe of petroleum industry.


Having faith in this statement, Roy Groups. Ltd. mission to continually stroll on the way of progression with commitment and best quality to offer only the best to its partners and clients.